Principal Investigator:

W. Evan Johnson, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellows:

No postdocs currently in the lab, but we are looking for some! Please contact us if you are interested!


Graduate Students:

Supriya Sharma

Solaiappan Manimaran

David Jenkins

Tyler Faits


Former Lab Members:


Bing Han, Senior Machine Learning Data Scientist, Intertrust Technologies Corporation

Changjin Hong, Nation-wide Children’s Hospital

Steve Piccolo, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

Ying Shen, Research Scientist, Stanford University

Yumei Li, Ph.D., Homemaker


Graduate Students:

Rachel Poulsen, M.S., Employee, TiVo

Michelle Withers, M.S., Homemaker


Undergraduate Students:

 Tim Bahr, M.S., University of Iowa Medical School

Brandon Crowther, B.S., BYU Law School

Nathan Clement, B.S., Ph.D. student, University of Texas

Jamie Lapierre, B.S., Tufts Dental School

Colin Rogerson, B.S., Medical College of Wisconsin

Christa Schank, B.S., LDS mission, Palmyra NY

Kathleen Finlinson, Undergraduate Student, BYU

Ariana Hedges, Undergraduate Student, BYU

Spencer Christensen, Undergraduate Student, BYU