W. Evan Johnson

Current Position:

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Division of Computational Biomedicine

Department of Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine

Curriculum Vitae:

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Ph.D. Biostatistics, Harvard University, 2007
M.A. Biostatistics, Harvard University, 2006
M.S. Statistics, Brigham Young University, 2003
B.S. Mathematics, Southern Utah University, 2002



Johnson, W. Evan 016

Research Interests:

Our lab is focused on the development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of data from emerging genomic technologies. Current lab projects include methods and software for Solexa Sequencing Data, Tiling Arrays, Exon Arrays, Batch Effects and Motif Finding.

Our statistical interests include Bayesian methods, Hidden Markov models, dynamic programming algorithms, smoothing, mixture models, and many other methods applicable to analyzing high-throughput genomic data.

Our applied interests are currently focused on topics in Molecular Biology and Cancer Research. More specifically, translational medicine, epigenomics, transcription regulation, protein-DNA interactions, development and cancer genomics.